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Need of research/theory in modern scenario:

It is said and believed that learning is a perpetual process in human being’s life. Therefore, we are all in a continuous process of learning, no matter what community or age group we happen to belong. In academic world, the learning is specified and it helps in sustain one’s quality of teaching. Here, learning is specified otherwise, the question would arise whether what is worth learning or what is not? It is a valuable thought that if education/teaching is not based upon research and evidence, then it runs the risk of being based upon prejudices. Thus, we at IAARHIES, see a greater importance of research in the field of education in sustaining the good quality of teaching.
With the technological advancement, it has become very inevitable to shift to new result oriented pedagogies in teaching. Apart from this, behind a classroom door the key factor in the success of a lesson in determining whether the students actually learn something, that matter is the creative ability of the teacher – their ability to combine theory and practical classroom experience. Neither theory nor practice alone can result in effective teaching. Critical to this process is the teacher’s knowledge of the subject content, and his/her ability to implement new strategies, to develop effective performance tasks, to design appropriate assessment tools, and to address the different student learning styles. Little of this can be accomplished if teachers are not knowledgeable of new research, and determined to implement it. Effective teaching, therefore, involves the practical application of new research/theory in a classroom environment.
The IAARHIES (The International Academic Association of Researchers in Humanities, IT, Engineering & Science) is an international non-profit forum and association of researchers in the field of Humanities, Information Technology, Engineering and Science. IAARHIES is the brand name of International Society for Academic Research (ISAR), registered under the section 20 of Societies Registration Act 1860. Its members are all academicians and voluntarily participate in the events/Conferences being organized. The main motive behind the foundation of IAARHIES is to provide a strong platform to the researchers/academicians of the various fields of education from where they can impart their valuable research/theories and also to bridge the gap between pupil and teachers. IAARHIES is the platform from where the researchers can convey their research pedagogies/theories to the academic world.
The IAARHIES platform is available to all those who are serving in the field of education in any form, and are always ready to give their innovative thoughts for the welfare of education. We promise to convey all these new research/theory in the developing sector of education through our generals and publications. We at IAARHIES, are committed for the sustainable development of education.
IAARHIES, under the aegis of International Society for Academic Research (Regd.) established in Jaipur, India is an international, independent, private, non-profit and chartered association founded in 2015 to support and encourage research work in the various subjects under Humanities, Information Technology, Engineering and Science. IAARHIES was established as an association of researchers, scholars, students and professors from different discipline with a mission to organize international conferences and workshops. Our conferences are aiming at bringing researchers from various fields to share their current research, ideas and experiences.

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